Spiritual Travel Soul Journey

Take a virtual spiritual pilgrimage with me. Embarking on spiritual journeys is my life’s passion. When I was still living in the USA and working everyday, I used all the vacation time that was allocated to be to travel deep. In total, I have traveled to 47 countries. Then, in 2015 I left my home and work in the USA to travel full time and live abroad.

Some of my favorite travels have been visiting the holy mountains of Nepal and India, the ancient temple towns of Sri Lanka, Cambodia and Myanmar, the temples of the Gods and Goddesses of Greece, the healing waterfalls and lands of Bali and Laos.

I keep my base in Thailand where I teach yoga and reiki. I also lead Soul Awakening retreats in beautiful destinations such as Santorini Greece, Nepal, Laos and more. While traveling, I  offer spiritual counseling online.

In my travel blogs, I share with you the beauty of the magical lands I have visited and people I have met; as well as the processing I have undergone while traveling. Traveling can be so beautiful, but at times challenging. I’ll show you the spirit tools I used to help me stay grounded and centered.

In this porthole, I share with you the lands, people and places to see. Come virtually soul journey with me.