Solar Eclipse Global Meditation From the Temple Doorway of the Sun God Apollo

Jewels Bertrand Solar Eclipse Apollo Temple

Namaste from the doorway of  Greek Island of Naxos. Today is an incredible day in our cosmic history. It’s the day of the Total Solar Eclipse. It’s been dubbed the Great American Solar Eclipse because it will be visible across the continental US. The last time a total eclipse was visible across the US was in 1918, 101 years ago!

Eclipses are known for showing the shadows in our life and where we need to make changes. It may be no coincidence that the eclipse’s pathway is directly over America. Politically and socially America facing one of its darkest periods in history. There is so much anger and chaos. But remember, chaos precedes transformation.

Just look back to the story of the Phoenix rising from the ashes. In ancient Greek mythology, the phoenix is a mythical bird that lives up to 100 years. Associated with the sun and the sun God Apollo, the phoenix obtains new life by arising from the ashes of its predecessor. When it feels its life is ending, it retreats into its nest and then sets it afire, burning it to flames, reducing itself and its nest to ashes. From the pile of ashes, a new Phoenix arises, renewed and reborn!

And being reborn is exactly what we can do in this energetic vortex of the eclipse. What looks like darkness and chaos may be the collective dying from the old self so the new self can be born.

This is the time to close old doors, end old chapters and old stories and start the NEW. This eclipse is like a still moment, a ripple in time. And with 5 planets also in retrograde, its a time to stop. Make a choice and step forward into a whole NEW place. A new Earth and a New You. You can not fight shadow with shadow and darkness can not live in the light. That’s where you have an opportunity to Shine Your Light… not only on you, but on the Earth and the collective of the all being on earth. ALL beings! That’s what this Leo Eclipse is call you for. To be the courageous regal one. This eclipse will give you the opportunity to courageously rise as a light-worker and to discover your life purpose, your destiny, your unique creative self-expression that brings fulfillment to not only your life but to the collective of all beings.

It’s time to rise! The doorway is open. Which side will you choose? You may be feeling unsettled, like you are riding a surfboard of a wild wave and being knocked into the depths of the dark murky waters. Get back up, find your balance and ride through it. Step into your power. Harness this incredible eclipse energy and let the momentum take you straight to your destiny.

If may feel uncomfortable. But transformation is a mutation so you can rebirth. Stay strong. Ground down. Meditate. Embrace the shadow, recognise it, but detach from the dark and purify. Let go of pain and blame. Practice compassion. Join us in a meditation of light described in the video below.

A Healing meditation for THE EARTH and ALL BEINGS on EARTH during the *** SOLAR ECLIPSE *** in Leo 2017. This is a chance for us to all come together and Step into The Doorway of a New Earth.

“Everything’s dying to be reborn

Infant day is the early morn

It’s dark as night when the day shall end

And Into the light you’ll be born again

#Guru Singh

You can practice this meditation anytime and anywhere. Not just during the eclipse. Will you join us in the light? Share this so we can all rise to a place of healing and love. The more who practice loving compassionate meditation, the more love and compassion we will have for all.Scientific studies have confirmed positive effects of mass meditations on human society, so each of you that will participate in this meditation can actually help bringing the Many of you are on the same journey. Tell us how you Shine Your Light in the comments below. As always, be kind and let the light shine through your words and vibration.


Have a blessed day.

Jewels Bertrand


I’ll be sharing spiritual tools and tips here on Shine Your Light as I journey across the globe to the core of the soul. Sign up on the Youtube Channel or website if you want to virtually travel with me on a Soul Journey.   And share with someone who you feel might resonate with.


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Sacred Soul Journey Retreat Jewels Bertrand
Sacred Soul Journey Retreat Jewels Bertrand

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