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Greetings from Bangkok,

As I write this blog, I sit curbside and barefoot on the vibrant Koh San Road, Elton John’s “Tiny Dancer” coming through my earphones mixing in with the chaotic sounds of tuk tuks beeping their horns and weaving through the crowd of back packers, food trucks and wandering dogs. In the back of my mind I am brought to the opening scene of “The Beach” where Leonardo DiCaprio zig zagged in and out of the dark watering holes of this very street. It’s midnight and I’ve just arrived after spending a sleepless night with friends back home in Venice Beach, California. Tonight is a special night for me, as it marks the very beginning of my Gypsy Wanderlust Soul Journey. A one way ticket with no time frame and no destination other than following my path as it lies brightly illuminated before me. 

I made the journey from Los Angeles to this backpacker section of the city barefoot. Yep, to and through LAX, on to Tokyo right to Koh San Road, Bangkok, barefoot. Pretty ironic since just less than 5 years ago you wouldn’t see me in anything but high-heeled Prada or some other over priced designer shoes. Funny how life can literally spin on its heels and shift your world. So why though, why am I barefoot in Bangkok? It’s an interesting story, and one you may even relate to. 

A few months ago before I made the decision to finally embark upon this dream of mine, I was on a two-week vacation here in Thailand. I was staying in a quiet, little beachside town in the northern part of Koh Phangan. The second I arrived I slipped right into island mode with the locals and ex pat community. I met the best group of angel travelers in that peaceful enclave. These are the very people who inspired me to finally do this. Let go of my home town comforts, shoes and all, and set sail into the unknown. To travel from where I am, to who I am and follow the current. Even if just for a little while. 

Our lives can become so structured and sometimes it’s difficult to breathe into ourselves. We all have responsibilities. Rent, work, school, kids… life. I was so caught up in that cycle a few years ago. My life was insanely intense. I felt like a hamster on a wheel. I worked hard, I played hard, I even practiced my yoga hard. I was putting so much energy to a system I didn’t even vibrate with. I felt like I was losing sight of me. I was more concerned about who I was wearing, rather than who I was.

When I moved from New York City to Los Angeles is when I first said goodbye to the system and the matrix. I jumped off the hamster wheel and let go. I gave notice to my job, let go of my six figure salary, sold most of my stuff and moved to Los Angeles with nothing more than two suitcases, 4 boxes and large mortgage I had to somehow figure out how to pay. It was a bold move but I went forward, fearless with a heart full of faith.

And that’s what brings me here today. Since that day, I’ve been playing with a new set of rules. More like, no rules. I can remember days sitting in my office in Manhattan dreaming of doing just this. And as a testament to the commitment to walking my path, I made a deal with one of my fellow Wanderlust travel friends, that the day I finally do it, I go full on, Barefoot to Bangkok! So I paired down my possessions once again. This time to eight boxes. There is something so cathartic about doing that. I even sold a pair of $750 Louie Vuitton high heels for $88! I won’t be needing them here in Thailand.

The point is, I’m living my dream. It may not be your dream. But you have a dream too. And I invite you to not let your dreams fade into the distance. Because the days turn into months and the months turn into years; and you find yourself in the same place with your dreams slipping away. It took me a decade to do this, but I’m doing it. My prayer to you is that you reach out, go for it with faith and courage. Let go of fear and doubt. Because fear and doubt are fate killers. When you slip into fear mode you get out of synch with the universal rhythms. Stay in synch and allow the journey to unfold. And know there is a way through every block.

Now your turn, I’d love to hear from you. In the comments below let us know…

Have you ever left your comfort zone to follow your dreams? What exactly did you do?

What beliefs do you think may be getting in the way of your dreams?

As always, thank you for reading, watching and contributing. I’m looking forward to hearing what you have to say on this topic as it’s a really important one!

Dream On and Shine Your Light,


Shine By Jewels

Welcome to the Autumn (Harvest) Equinox, marking the first day of fall. 

If you have high dreams and goals and are looking for a way to reach them, then read on, because I’m going to share with you my favorite ritual to manifest your destiny. Did you know that at pivotal times of year, you can harness the rhythm and energy of nature to grow, make changes and manifest your reality more easily. Well you can. And today, the autumn equinox, is one of those days because the energetic qualities of equinoxes initiate action! Back in the days of our grandparents and ancestors, the autumn equinox marked a time of reward and rest. It symbolized both a time to celebrate the nourishing foods harvested from the crops planted earlier in the year and to pack up the produce that would feed them throughout the cold, dark months

In today’s modern world, not all of us plant crops but we all to produce our own harvest. Every thought you make and every action you take represents the seeds you sow, and the seeds you sow bring about the harvest you shall reap. Want the best out of your harvest? Than align your thoughts and actions and tend to your garden. Today is the perfect day to start. This ritual is one of the fastest ways I have experienced to manifest. It can be performed any time, but on high activation days, like today or the new or full moon, its power is magnified and often times, you will experience rapid change.

Powerful Intentions

I first came about this ritual while on at a yoga retreat in Thailand. It was New Year’s Eve, 2008. In a thatched roof pavilion, by the calm waters, our master of ceremonies explained the ritual. With both excitement and suspicion, I followed his tutelage. My intentions were to be released of my corporate job, to have the time and means to travel, to let go of my materialistic mindset and to grow in my spirituality. At the time, I was an advertising executive in the fast paced media world of NYC. I had become stressed and burned out and was looking for a new way of living.

Holy Manifesting!

Upon returning home, within just four days of the ceremony, I was informed that I was being laid off… and here’s the kicker — they were giving me a severance package. Holy Manifesting! So I packed my bags and took off to India to further my yoga training and find my spirit.

Since then, I often come back to this ritual. I have shared it with close friends and today I’m happy to share it with you.

Here’s What You Need

  • Sage or Palo Santo
  • Pen
  • Paper to write on
  • Candle
  • Bowl filled with earth (dirt)
  • Relaxing music

7 Steps

1. Prepare your environment. Cleanse the room first by lighting a sage or Palo Santo smudge stick. If you do not have either on hand, you can cleanse the room by setting your intentions of purifying the room, releasing any toxic or negative energy. If you do have sage or Palo Santo, light it and wave it like a wand throughout the room and set your intentions as described above.

2. Light your candle in a safe, comfortable spot in the room.

3. Think about the goals and intentions that you want to achieve. Perhaps you want to gain control of your health and wellbeing, find your ideal romantic partner, get a new fabulous job, travel to an exotic destiny. Dig deep in your soul’s desires.

4. Now, write it out in a present, grateful statement. For example: “I love and am grateful for my fabulous, new job.”

5. Once you have your list, sit by your candle, bring the paper in between your hands and form prayer hands at your heart. Meditate on the list for 10 minutes. It’s beneficial to gaze into the candle flame first to purify your thoughts. Then close your eyes and meditate on your goals.

When meditating, visualize your goals as already manifested — see, feel, experience yourself as already actualizing what you desire to bring forth. Oddly, your mind does not differentiate thought from reality. The synapses fire the same way. So your mind thinks it’s already happening. In time, the universe will catch up to your vision and that’s when the magic happens.

6. Now fold the paper and bring it to the fire. Allow it to catch and carefully bring it to your earth bowl and let it safely burn. Burning is one of the quickest ways to manifest your goals.

7. Release your desires to the divine universe and repeat this affirmation, “And so it is.”

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Help Others With Your Experience

I’d love to hear your insights. What are you manifesting? How are you celebrating this beautiful transition of seasons? What have you harvested that you are proud of? What tips can you share that has worked for you? The conversation continues below. Something you bring up may help someone else in their journey manifesting their goals.

“Don’t judge each day by the harvest you reap but by the seeds that you plant.”
— Robert Louis Stevenson

Happy Solstice and May Your Light Shine Bright,

Jewels Bertrand