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It’s another end to another year. And what a year it’s been. In the Chinese New Year, 2013 was the year of the snake. Many of us experienced drastic change and a lot of shedding. I did a little research with my friends to see how their year went. And yes, shedding was a common theme. From loss of jobs, relationships, moving from their homes and even feeling like a loss of identity. 

We’re in the midst of a shift, a new way of living, a new consciousness. We are in a new cycle. It’s an exciting time to be alive. Some of the attributes of this new era are, we are shifting from the mind based thinking to heart based thinking. A plethora of information ranging from technology to spirituality is being downloaded to us at a rapid pace. We are beginning to realize that we are all together in this world and part of a collective consciousness. But in this shift, we are all experiencing this shedding. So if you too felt like you lost, instead, think of it as a rebirth, transformation. We all come into the world naked. Letting go of the old is part of the process so we can bring in the new. 

So as you reflect upon your year and think about what you have, what you have shed and what you aim to bring in, I’d like to ask you to be kind to yourself. Sometimes we put so much judgment on our goals and intentions and are not kind enough to ourselves. Then we get frustrated and we stop midway if we don’t get immediate results. So this year, rephrase those goals. For instance, if you want to lose weight, perhaps you can shift the intention to living a more consciously healthy lifestyle and vow to eat more whole foods and greens, reduce junk food and add exercise into your daily regime. This way you come to your intension of focusing on being kind to your body rather than holding resentment or judgment. This subtle shift is an act of compassion that you deserve for yourself.

According to the Journal of Clinical Psychology, statistics show that 45% of Americans make new years resolutions. But often times by the first month, we forget about them and we don’t fulfill them. 75% of those who set intentions maintain them in the first week, by the end of the month 64% are still in the game, but after six months, only 46% are still working on them. 

When we resolve, we get caught up in that judgement. Where did you fall in that category? Did you achieve your goals? Hopefully you did. If not, here is a simple but effective 10 Step compassionate system to get on course and make them come to fruition in 2014. 

Ok, now to begin

Get a pen and sheet of paper to write on, or your computer or smart phone to type. 

1. Begin by writing out a list of the goals, intentions, new years “resolutions” that you set out to achieve last New Year’s. Can you remember the seeds you planted back then? This may take sometime to remember, so dig in deep and write. 

2. Next. Circle all of those that you attained. Maybe you made your sales quota, or maybe you started an exercise regime. Perhaps you started to eat healthier. Make sure to include even the little accomplishments. A bunch of little accomplishments add up to big successes.  Write out all of them. And draw a circle around them. 

3. On to step three. Now this one is important. Give yourself a hug. Yep, wrap your arms around your chest, take a look at your self in the mirror and say to yourself, wow, that was a job well done. Even if you think you didn’t accomplish enough, nourish yourself. Be kind to yourself. Be as kind to yourself as you would be to a loved one.

4. Now, make a list of those goals that you did not reach yet. Are those goals still important to you?  What do you want to keep, what do you want to let go of. Take a time to reevaluate them. Cross off what doesn’t excite you anymore.  Maybe you want to set some new goals and intentions. Perhaps you want a job that’s more in alignment with your passions, maybe you want to quit your full-time job and start your own business, or you feel it’s time to find your true love, eat healthier, add exercise into your routine. Write them all out. And this is the time to rephrase them in that compassionate manner we just spoke about. 

5. Then make a fresh list from that exercise with the updated goals and intentions.

6. Once you’ve got that done, write out three things you can do to get there. If you want to get a new job, perhaps you update your resume, network with your friends and colleagues, search on LinkedIn and job boards.  If you want to find your true love, get out there and meet people by joining a group such as meet-up. Your get the point.

7. Now by each goal, write out the date you want to accomplish them and then set actions in your calendar or on your iPhone that will get you there. Make it real. For instance, if you are looking to find new fabulous job by March 1st, schedule in 3 job interviews in the first week of February. Even if you don’t have an interview set. Or if you want to tone your body, schedule in yoga classes or the gym. The act of writing it out puts you in the present. It’s one of the little known secrets of manifesting and achieving goals. Acting as if it’s already happened. Living it as if you are already there. I use this trick all the time with astounding results. 

Step 8. You wrote it out, now affirm it. Say your affirmation statement every day. What ever it is. One of my affirmations last year was “I have a website that helps empower others.” I had no idea how I was going to create a website at the time. Yet a year later, here it is. 

9. One important thing to add to the end of your affirmation statement is, “This or something better for my highest good.” Sometimes we get too caught up on how we think things should be in the end. At times, things don’t turn out exactly as we intend, but if we let go of our control and manipulation and allow the universe to take care of the details, you will find that things often turn out just the way they should, if not better. So always leave room for the infinite possibilities. 

Step 10.  Gratitude.  Step back and gratefully and graciously receive. Give gratitude for all that you have already received. This part is important, because it helps us to realize the blessings for what we have in our life. When you express gratitude, that energy acts as the internal gardener that rids the weeds that are getting choking your goals. Gratitude is the best way to stay in a high vibration. And high vibrations are mandatory in bringing in your vision.

Step 10 rinse and repeat as needed.

I’d love to hear your insights. What are you manifesting in the new year? How are you celebrating this transition? What have you achieved last year that you are proud of? What tips can you share that has worked for you? How can you rephrase your intentions in a more compassionate way? The conversation continues at the blog. Click here and join in. Something that you bring up may help you or someone else in their journey manifesting their goals. 

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Have a Happy and Compassionate New Year!

Jewels Bertrand

Welcome to the Autumn (Harvest) Equinox, marking the first day of fall. 

If you have high dreams and goals and are looking for a way to reach them, then read on, because I’m going to share with you my favorite ritual to manifest your destiny. Did you know that at pivotal times of year, you can harness the rhythm and energy of nature to grow, make changes and manifest your reality more easily. Well you can. And today, the autumn equinox, is one of those days because the energetic qualities of equinoxes initiate action! Back in the days of our grandparents and ancestors, the autumn equinox marked a time of reward and rest. It symbolized both a time to celebrate the nourishing foods harvested from the crops planted earlier in the year and to pack up the produce that would feed them throughout the cold, dark months

In today’s modern world, not all of us plant crops but we all to produce our own harvest. Every thought you make and every action you take represents the seeds you sow, and the seeds you sow bring about the harvest you shall reap. Want the best out of your harvest? Than align your thoughts and actions and tend to your garden. Today is the perfect day to start. This ritual is one of the fastest ways I have experienced to manifest. It can be performed any time, but on high activation days, like today or the new or full moon, its power is magnified and often times, you will experience rapid change.

Powerful Intentions

I first came about this ritual while on at a yoga retreat in Thailand. It was New Year’s Eve, 2008. In a thatched roof pavilion, by the calm waters, our master of ceremonies explained the ritual. With both excitement and suspicion, I followed his tutelage. My intentions were to be released of my corporate job, to have the time and means to travel, to let go of my materialistic mindset and to grow in my spirituality. At the time, I was an advertising executive in the fast paced media world of NYC. I had become stressed and burned out and was looking for a new way of living.

Holy Manifesting!

Upon returning home, within just four days of the ceremony, I was informed that I was being laid off… and here’s the kicker — they were giving me a severance package. Holy Manifesting! So I packed my bags and took off to India to further my yoga training and find my spirit.

Since then, I often come back to this ritual. I have shared it with close friends and today I’m happy to share it with you.

Here’s What You Need

  • Sage or Palo Santo
  • Pen
  • Paper to write on
  • Candle
  • Bowl filled with earth (dirt)
  • Relaxing music

7 Steps

1. Prepare your environment. Cleanse the room first by lighting a sage or Palo Santo smudge stick. If you do not have either on hand, you can cleanse the room by setting your intentions of purifying the room, releasing any toxic or negative energy. If you do have sage or Palo Santo, light it and wave it like a wand throughout the room and set your intentions as described above.

2. Light your candle in a safe, comfortable spot in the room.

3. Think about the goals and intentions that you want to achieve. Perhaps you want to gain control of your health and wellbeing, find your ideal romantic partner, get a new fabulous job, travel to an exotic destiny. Dig deep in your soul’s desires.

4. Now, write it out in a present, grateful statement. For example: “I love and am grateful for my fabulous, new job.”

5. Once you have your list, sit by your candle, bring the paper in between your hands and form prayer hands at your heart. Meditate on the list for 10 minutes. It’s beneficial to gaze into the candle flame first to purify your thoughts. Then close your eyes and meditate on your goals.

When meditating, visualize your goals as already manifested — see, feel, experience yourself as already actualizing what you desire to bring forth. Oddly, your mind does not differentiate thought from reality. The synapses fire the same way. So your mind thinks it’s already happening. In time, the universe will catch up to your vision and that’s when the magic happens.

6. Now fold the paper and bring it to the fire. Allow it to catch and carefully bring it to your earth bowl and let it safely burn. Burning is one of the quickest ways to manifest your goals.

7. Release your desires to the divine universe and repeat this affirmation, “And so it is.”

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Help Others With Your Experience

I’d love to hear your insights. What are you manifesting? How are you celebrating this beautiful transition of seasons? What have you harvested that you are proud of? What tips can you share that has worked for you? The conversation continues below. Something you bring up may help someone else in their journey manifesting their goals.

“Don’t judge each day by the harvest you reap but by the seeds that you plant.”
— Robert Louis Stevenson

Happy Solstice and May Your Light Shine Bright,

Jewels Bertrand