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From Corporate America to Wanderlust | My Spiritual Pilgrimage

Wanderlust (n) A strong, irresistible desire to travel unexplored lands and the inner soul.

Today, as I write this blog, I am about to leave my comfortable home and life in sunny Marina Del Rey | Venice Beach, California. Some ask me, “Why are you leaving this? You have a wonderful life here in Los Angeles” And I do. I live in a lovely home with water views, I teach yoga, have a reiki / chakra balance studio in Santa Monica, a slew of friends. Life is great! Yet I can’t shake this urge to spread my wings and fly, seek, experience and explore.

 As early as I can remember, I had powerful desire to travel. My favorite books as a child were those about colorful, brave characters who nomadically roamed through exotic lands.

At six years, old I took my first out of the country trip for an entire summer to visit my mother’s side of the family in Athens, Greece. Immediately, I eased my way into this new culture. I enjoyed speaking the different language, eating new foods and soaking up the vibrant colors and smells of this exotic land.

Maybe it was that trip. Maybe it was having a mother who was from another country. I’m not sure, but I wanted more of this. I was not able travel out of the country again until I turned 19. And from that point on, I have been fortunate enough to travel every year.

As I observed the lifestyles of other cultures, I became disconnected with the American lifestyle and the American Dream. Work, work, work. Make money. Consume, consume, consume. More work. Retire. The cultures I enjoyed the most were the ones that focused much less on this and more on family, nature, and the simple pleasures of life. American Dream… It was a dream that was spoon fed to me, but something I just couldn’t swallow. I even tried to embrace this “normal” lifestyle. I got married, bought a home, had the big paying corporate gig with the fancy titles, I had a 15th floor, corner office at CBS Radio overlooking the vibrant streets of midtown Manhattan in New York City. Yet I found that none of this fulfilled me. I was filling my pocket-book, but depleting my soul. I was stressed out, unhealthy and exhausted.

As I circle back to my query, why? Why do I have this burning desire to roam and explore? I realize, that the open road makes me feel alive, free and vibrant. I gave the American Dream more than a good try. I worked for two decades in Corporate America. Today, I have reinvented myself and found a way to support my dream, my life and my pocketbook living out my destiny.

I’m heading off on a one-way ticket to Thailand and the beautiful countries of South East Asia. I have no time line. Maybe a year, maybe more, maybe less. I will be teaching yoga, meditation and holistic living both abroad and on-line. I’m on my spiritual journey

I’d love to share my experiences with you and perhaps even see you on the other side of the world at one of my holistic retreats. So if you haven’t already, sign up for the newsletter. I’ll also continue to record and post my favorite meditations and holistic tips designed to help align you in the highest vibration so you can live out your happiest, authentic life.

Shine Your Light,



Welcome the Chinese New Year of the Wooden Horse


And brace yourself because she’ll be galloping off on the fast track!

The Wooden Horse year commences on the new moon, January 30. Off comes the skin from 2013’s Year of the snake, as we shed our of past and transform into new.  In this birth / rebirth cycle, we also emerge from the cycle of water, an introspective time where we dove deep within our souls and searched our inner spirit for our destined path and authenticity. Fresh and clear, we now emerge from the waters ready to leap into our new path.


Focus and Action

The time to sit and reflect was last year. This year is the year for dedicated work, purposeful action. Be clear and sharpen your intuition bbecause the year of the horse moves with energy and vigor. It can be a prosperous year if you pay close attention to your inner guidance and careful not to go off on a tangent. Wild horses can be free spirited and independent… but they are also fast, so be mindful before wildly racing in a direction that may not be best suited for your highest good. With careful attention, this year can be a thrilling ride of rapid favorable outcomes in money, love and adventure. It is also a great year to take that exotic trip you’ve been thinking about.

Key Takeaways 

Key takeaways… Stay clear, pay attention to your inner GPS and boldly shift forward. If it doesn’t feel right, it’s not. Keep focused, with your eye on your goal and victory is yours!