b&w standing mudra

Chakra Activation Meditation Workshop with Essential Oils

This workshop will be lead by Jewels Bertrand, Jewels Bertrand is an Essential Oils Expert, Kundalini yoga instructor and holistic healer from Los Angeles, CA. hosted by Susan Manchester…..

In this fun, supportive and educational workshop Jewels will take you on a meditative journey and activate the chakras with pure aroma essential oils. You will experience an awakening in your awareness as we power up and balance the chakras bringing the physical and spirit body into vibrational alignment.

When the subtle energies of the body are in vibrational alignment you are open to receive and radiate universal pranic / chi energy.

Join US for this lively and insightful activation and together we will increase our auric field. With all of us vibrating at increased capacity, our shared energies become magnified creating a collective pool of pure, pranic, life-force energy!

August 18, 2014 @ 12:00 pm – 1:30 pm
Anjaneya Yoga Shala
1480 Violet Avenue
Boulder, CO 80304