A trek up the hillside mountains and villages of Annapurna Base Camp in Nepal is one of the most epic experiences one can take. An amazing and powerful 8 day, 64 […]

Namaste, Greetings from my magical fairy earth hut in the forests of Pai Thailand. I’ve been relaxing and meditating out here for a little over a week. Prior to that […]

Full Moon Antar Naad

Kundalini Full Moon Meditation Sa Re Sa Sa Happy Full Moon! Today I share with you an ancient meditation that yogis and sages have done for thousands of years on the day […]

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Transitioning   I have been trying to write this blog for a few days now. Earlier this week my dear Uncle Roger was brought to the hospital for an operation. […]

Greetings from Bangkok, As I write this blog, I sit curbside and barefoot on the vibrant Koh San Road, Elton John’s “Tiny Dancer” coming through my earphones mixing in with […]

From Corporate America to Wanderlust | My Spiritual Pilgrimage Wanderlust (n) A strong, irresistible desire to travel unexplored lands and the inner soul. Today, as I write this blog, I am […]

Today I’m going to share with you a really awesome meditation for all of the super driven business and career minded, readers out there. If you have an intense job, or powerful […]

Over the past several years, I have gone through some amazing, transformational shifts that have led me on a beautiful journey. I have learned how to let go of stress […]

Merry Meditation The weather has shifted, the lights have lifted and we are in the full swing of the holiday season. With that comes shopping for gifts, time spent with […]